Make Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, bells are the currency for players to repay their mortgages and purchase items, furniture, and decorations. Fossils, fish, insects, and growing fruits are common ways to obtain bells. Smart players will choose to buy and sell some items to earn or choose to collect precious things to sell for profit.

    Selling local fruits grown on the island is the way to get bells in the game, but the price of each fruit is only 100 bells. So if you want to profit from fruit growing, you have to collect different types of fruits on other islands. Each fruit will reach the selling price of 500 bells, and even variants are available for the higher value. Of course, the price of your local fruits will be higher on other islands, and going to other islands is also a good choice.

    Shaking trees is a more risky way, and smart players will choose to plant money trees. Found the golden light in the dust crack of the fossil, there are bells inside. By burying more bells, you will have a 70% chance of getting more than 3 times the gain. Of course, the highest 100,000 bells is possible. The reward you get is related to your investment. The more bells you bury, the more rewards you will receive. Of course, that's not certain, but the chances will be greater. The best thing is that the bells you can harvest will not be less than the ones you bury.

    Selling fish and insects is also a common way, but generally only special insects and fish are the choices for high returns. For example, tarantulas, goldfish, etc., these animals are either difficult to capture, or maybe aggressive, and even have a time limit. Paying attention to game updates and some guidelines is an advantageous way for players to make quick profits.

    And hitting a stone is a more special way. You will get some materials needed to make items by smashing stones, such as clay and iron blocks. They can also be sold for money, but they are a better choice for making higher-value items.

    Animal Crossing is a slow-life game. Time is a realistic flow. There are northern and southern hemispheres, different times in the four seasons, and special festivals. To get what you want really quickly, I suggest you try Buy ACNH Items on You can save time and energy in the early stage to collect, after all, you need a certain cost in the game to make money faster.