Animal Crossing: New Horizons Five-Star Island Recommendation

  • Animal Crossing: The villagers on the island of New Horizons hope that the island's yard and hot springs will be green everywhere. Isabelle's favorite is flowers and decorations, her eyes are very critical, hope your design is full of creativity and beauty, and fill the entire island. If you don't have any direction, the following content may give you some inspiration.

    Talking to Sable every day is one of your sources of creativity. Customized furniture can plan the creation of decorative patterns. Many different modes are used in the production of signs, pillows, pizza stalls, and other items, which is very good if you have no creative ideas.

    Building fences for villagers is a common option to increase island scores. Make a yard and decorate the yard and fence with flowers, candy, shrubs, and furniture. But it can be matched from the position, color, and quantity of items.

    After learning to build a yard, you can try decorating beaches and restaurants. Tables, chairs, food, and common kitchen tools seem indispensable, but the key is decoration. The fence is used to separate the area, and some beautiful colors of flowers and candles are used to decorate it and the table. The beach is equipped with beach balls, fishing gear, deck chairs, and several tables. It is good to use lighthouses and coconut trees on the corners of the beach and beside lawn chairs. Other plants can also be added, flowers can be transplanted, or on the table.

    Then you can start some big projects. Use lanterns, green rocks, statues, and collected bamboo to make a bamboo forest on the island, which will be full of green atmosphere. Would you like to build a camp next to it? Of course, the surrounding garden cannot be omitted. Small tables, benches, lights, beekeeping boxes, and even scarecrows can be used to decorate the garden. How about making a flower shelf nearby? After camping, taking a bath is obviously a good decision. When it can be topographic, it is perfect to create a hot spring or spa area. Flowers, bamboo, changing rooms, etc. are all available.

    It will become simple to add some elements to the outside of the museum after you understand the many objects. Museums can be connected with everything. You can make fences, parks, an open-top cafe and so on. If you don't have enough bells and Nook Mile tickets, you can go to Of course, you can also Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, as long as you need them. When you give full play to your creative design, it will give you the greatest help.