Thought it was very unsatisfactory.

  • Nah but you must remember botw was announced back in Animal Crossing Items 2012 but it released in 2017, nintendo loves to perfect their matches instead of give u one that will feel underwhelming or incomplete.

    Same. So much of the direct was spent on ports and remakes. And I like ports and remakes in my change, don't get me wrong, but it's been so long with no word on at least one of these huge exclusives. No new mainline Mario, no Metroid, no Bayo 3, no SMT V, no new Zelda. It is a bummer.

    It looks like a great deal of fun and that I knew nothing about it until the guide so I am possibly the most enthusiastic about it.

    The Legend of Mana is also exciting, I wanted to play with that game ages ago but Nintendo has always been my console, and so I missed it out.

    I'm more impressed than I thought I'd be with all the Mario things being added to Animal Crossing but I also want to hear a 2.0 because of the anniversary.

    I am also very pleased about skyward sword. It was my favorite Zelda game and I never finished it due to the motion controls. I am not completely thrilled that I still can't just press a button but at least now I'll be able to complete the story, I hope. I wish they just made the mechanic completely optional, it ruined the game for me first time. Still hoping for MM, TP, and WW.

    I was really excited for the Capcom Arcade Stadium. I was hoping for being able to buy the games a la carte but I am disappointed to see that they are only sold in packages, which means that you'll be paying for matches that you're not interested in. And of course, all of the games I need are in various bundles. Weaksauce.

    So much salt from everyone, I'm excited with this release. MG for your nostalgia I'd for playing with my dad and brother, and SS because I did not have the opportunity to play that match.

    Thought it was very unsatisfactory. Rumoured Zelda set get skyward sword. Rumoured Star Wars Republic Commando and KOTOR 1/2 get totally free internet game.

    No Donkey Kong, F zero, Metroid, Mother.

    No ports of rumoured franchises like tomb raider, House of the dead, GTA, Arkham.

    No More Heroes august launch, about a year late by this stage. Also doesn't seem great in Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket trailers seems to have picked up some gameplay elements by the dreadful Travis strikes .