Once you arrive at the pod you can try and enter it.

  • You get 42exp points. I understand why he is mattress bound, its because OSRS gold hes got a permantly broken foot. At this level there is a 25% chance 1/4 of this working. If unssucesful you are stunned for 3 seconds and dealt 3damage points.

    You can use this with a leg you have amputated, otherwise youll have a limp meaning youll be unable to run along with your walking is 50 percent slower. This walking stick makes running normal speed. If you cut off a leg youd need to bandage it off to prevent infections. These would block you from getting an illness, if you apply these after 60seconds later decapatating a limb youd get"infection damage" this bargains 2hp harm once every 10seconds, you need to bandage to stop this. I know you feel this seems"sick" but in medevil times, this is what they achieved, and it was proven to save lifes.

    Trusting the route is really a ne minigame to make up for teh removal of the true wilderness. This is open to f2p and would preferably fill in the strain which bounty hunter has eliminated. The mini game wouldn't be safe, it would work in another way, which is explained later. The entry to trusting the path would be found in a portalbehind north of this grandexchange. This area is rarely explored and members have an easy teleport for this.

    The teams are determined by the ordinary combat level and the number of players. The sport (if that is possible) would try and get thesame amount of people and the same amount of individuals and same combat levels spread evenly within each team. The team does not make a difference aside from the outfit.

    Once enough players have assembled each team is going to be put into a pod, this allows them disscuss tatics for 2 minutes before the pod is inserted to some spawn pod. You're then released into the game.

    The game lasts 10 minutes. Players of the other group cannot be passed . Once everyone is discharged from the pods, the 16th pod will glow yellow. Everyone will get a minimap arrow pointing into the pod. The intention of the game is to reach the pod. Getting into the shredder requires you to either traverse the trails or take a short cut through the"mira". Whilst in the mira you gradually take damage, and risk being attacked by monsters the"Isigies".

    Once you arrive at the pod you can try and enter it. When it's empty and you have defeated other groups to it, you input it and immediatly gain 5 percent defence, strength and attack bonus. If another team is already in you can attack themupon beating them you gain control of buy RS gold the pod. Whoever has control of the bunny by the ending counts as the winning team.