Remember that EU has a lower server capacity.

  • You underestimate the amount of time people are able to aion classic kinah buying devote. I went to 6 gatherings last night, and left with more than 7,000 Aether Gems.

    This is one of the advantages of farming in Aion. Once you've removed the crop from its level and are able to ignore them and concentrate on other projects. What happened to those 6 hours? I was playing a different game on the second screen.

    The whole candy argument is pointless. Every game have gold sellers in day 1. People have were buying kinah directly from gold sellers. In the present, and also in the near future. the only difference is they give the real money to the developer and not the gold sellers

    This. It's hard to criticize this. In reality, I was logged into the retail site. Today, it was empty. I checked into the traditional... and it was alive. Both the subscription model and real money shops seem to be more appealing.

    Hey. Actually, I've made MyAion. These numbers were derived directly from the login packets , which were sent to clients. At the time of the launch NCWest was testing server stability and had a capacities of up to 500 people online. They slowly increased this capacity until current settings. We saw queues shortly after launch. However, numbers showed in queues had been hampered. This was likely due to changing login server settings.

    The breakdown of class on the server's page includes only characters uploaded to MyAion. It doesn't contain all characters registered. The MyAion DPS Meter version is designed for traditional servers, and there aren't that many characters that are uploaded.

    The capacity of the NA's Siel or Israphel is 9000. You can also find the exact count of characters in the three regions (NA, RU, and JP) online, if your mouse's cursor is hovered over the bar with the percentage. Other regions doesn't share exact numbers online and server capacity, they only share percentage values. However, you are able to use the search function to determine your server's capacity within the game. It can yield up to 102 characters from a search result. If there are many players playing online, you'll have to split your results by level or class. It had a capacity of 3000 when I last created it for EU-Stormwing server. Prior to when KR changed their approach to sharing just percentage values, they set the capacity at 12000 for Israphel, Nazekan and 10000 for Zikel, Vaziel. Three KR classic servers were also added before they hid exact numbers and capacities.

    Remember that EU has a lower server capacity. The last time I calculated Stormwing's cap it was 3000. However, Aion in EU has always had more people therefore Classic will bring more people to EU.

    It's expected to take 3-4 months before the excitement has died down and the majority of hardcore gamers are done with the grind of current content or gear. The cheap aion classic kinah peak players chart, which I've included in the previous comment, indicates that the player count is slowly declining.