In my last post I would not recommend

  • This is the reason why a lot of people are awed by the WOW TBC Gold beginning times of WoW. You had to work for everything. Retail is work, but that's not to say it's not fun. However, you were a part of the world and people more than a dungeon run all day long, working on M+. Although it's tiring and slow, it is so rewarding.

    Hunter is another class which is known to be one of the most effective classes that can be leveled. You can take on a variety of things, like mobs you cannot be able to solo. This spec is great for pets, and is employed to make them powerful. You can also hold agro, which will allow you to pull agro out of the mob before it dies.

    It was a bit... it was a gradual leveling-in wow up until cataclysm was several aspects that really slowed the pace. There is a need to consume a drink and eat within one or two pulls particularly in the beginning. Also, you must be cautious about dying often. Back in the day , there was a guide to leveling which claimed to get players to level 60 (or 70 in the case of tbc) in five days/games (so 120 hours) and was thought to be quick. So yeah it's definitely taking a lot of time.

    It's classic...mana is important. This isn't a near infinite dps bar, like retail. This is what the majority of classic players want. In the majority of cases, each mob is supposed to be fairly close to the player's power up to 70%. You'll be surprised (played through all of the classic) TBC seems WAY easier and less punishing in terms of mob damage as well as mana regen. Also, leveling is easier for me

    This is a silly question, but did you get an animal hunter trainer quest? Hunter is among the easiest classes to get to, perhaps the easiest of you are completely new to the game and that's because you have a pet that endures abuse from all the mobs as well as your character. If you've got pets, is it possible that he can't hold aggro? Keep in mind that when your pet is struggling, don't take it on. You'll end up aggravating your pet. It is important to experience the beat of killing mobs on your own. Although it may seem slow, it's because WoW was created to be slow. You can't kill mobs on your own unless you use certain tricks such as the dungeon booster, which I wouldn't recommend to new players.

    In my last post I would not recommend this if you're among the types of players that are able to immerse themselves in RPG's and never be rushing to reach the cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold level cap on your very first character ever. You don't appear to be one of them which is why I suggest you check out Questie. I'm certain there will be an video tutorial on YouTube about how to set it up.