It's a straight lie. Original Blizzard developers

  • It's not a great argument to have balanced servers and WOW TBC Gold Bg pool. Furthermore that it is possible to change factions means that players can be able to play with their friends as alliance, instead of playing as a horde.

    Transferring servers isn't easy. You don't know for sure if your desired realm is as great as your previous and it doesn't matter if there is no queue, it could be a disaster, if not dead realm. Vanilla was my first experience of seeing this happen. My guild moved to a brand new server, and in two months, the number of players had dropped to just a few hundred at peak hours.

    The truth is that no one has had the opportunity to swap with all their characters that they spend all day on, but if the queue times would be so much of a win it would have been possible to do this.

    The argument against server transfers is also valid for switching sides. You don't know for sure if the number of users is sufficient for long term raiding or any other type of content. While there may be less queue times, you won't be able to complete every kara raid in several months. Even if you're on the same server every side differs in terms of growth and mentality of the player. Side transfers can help solve the issue of long queue times and other problems.

    And "I want to play with my friends" is a great argument since the issue is not the individual server players, as this mostly affects open world pvp, but more the balance of battlegrounds group populations and the motivation to join the battles. This, in particular, is the most significant issue, since each region is relatively balanced state overall and is in a battlegroup with its own, yet being able to expire 4-5 times than alliance.

    It's a straight lie. Original Blizzard developers admitted that the inability to fix the imbalance in racials had been mistake. Every Man For Himself was an avid Horde player, proved this. PVE players who are casual on servers are the only people that aren't bothered by racial issues.

    Yes, it's hard to believe, as only on pvp servers the balance is heavily tilted toward the horde in all regions. Blood elves are one. "Pretty" 2. Horde, in which there is no need to fight with other races 3. They have superior racial traits than Draenei (their Alliance counterpart). Most cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold people play their horde. They were designed to shift the population towards horde.