There have been instances when I've been with people

  • While you may have renamed it previously, it didn't work. The aion classic kinah name you used was not specified the new name. ) It could be that there's an additional issue that I'm not entirely sure about. It worked for me.

    Being from the Netherlands I'm getting around 100 ping with exitlag. It's quite enjoyable and I'm feeling like I'm competing. But unless you're planning to work for 12+ days a week it's not necessary to worry about that as you're not competing against top1 percent if that's the case.

    It was also an excellent instance of community engagement. The 105k AION utilized for the prize pool was provided by the Treasury. The community voted to donate 25% of prize pool to the SavageMine family, as well as 20k AION, to support the family during this time of need.

    Although I can be described as snowflakes but I find open-world multiplayer far more difficult as it was when I first started playing it 10 years ago. It's likely because I've been playing competitive esports that offer an even playing field and where skill is the main factor in who wins. However, before that, I'd just say, you just gotta take a lick and deal with it. Additionally, I would like to be clear that I'm a fan of aion and enjoyed more advanced pvp such as in Tiamaranta’s eye or organized PVP, like coliseum. Everyone's much more in the same boat and the game is more competitive.

    The value of pvp comes from Equipment > Class > Skill. Being killed by a sin/ranger 100 times while I'm farming mobs at 20% HP is getting increasingly annoying. I'm not sure how anyone can be satisfied destroying people who aren't equipped, not leveled, underadvantaged, and clearly do their own thing. Although I know that I'm taking that risk in the pvpve arena, it seems like many people don't care about actual competition.

    There have been instances when I've been with people who just wanted to say hello to me while we were just trying to farm. or when a purple flew past me but there was nothing to be gained by killing me. However, for every one of those situations there's ten additional situations in which I'm 1v3 ganked , or killed by a twink, or killed by someone who is that is more than 10 levels above me without a reason. Twinks are used to harass people whom they know will beat them easily. It is important to note that this is more pronounced currently because the vast majority of people continue in the process of leveling, and the only ones able to do this are the whales and no-lifers, but this is how Aion has always looked back.

    Edit: I'm sorry to those in the opposite camp. I do appreciate the argument. I used to twink too a long duration, but as time has gone by, I have failed to appreciate the buy aion classic kinah eu appeal and satisfaction that can be gained from such a one-sided dunking.