MMOs exist and die by their community in my opinion

  • FFXIV opened my eyes to taking pleasure in the actions of WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold people around me. To be able to compete with the redcoats (malestrom, I believe) I ran to Limsa. I do not know why I started in Limsa, but they are my only choice. As I was loading into the plaza, I thought I heard a tune familiar to me. I wasn't sure what it was but I knew that bards perform instruments to show a little respect. I was unaware that bards could get an electric guitar and then play Enter Sandman from Metallica.

    And there I was for about 15 minutes as this dude ran through his entire set. Metallica, Nirvana and some other classic rock songs were playing on the radio. What's it? The most horrible thing Lala has ever seen. What's this? A M.Bison cosplay glamour. Are these people just standing around the plaza rolling in various poses to showcase their style? What's that expression and where can I purchase it? What is the name of that adorable minion? It's a quest! No way!

    A Incredible Hulk-looking dude was teaching crafting to a group of sprouts by the elevator to the Wench. A second bard was playing some EDM type nonsense on an harp. Cat girls were holding glow sticks.

    I was surrounded by so much player-driven, player-made, and loved by players. They weren't just coming to Limsa to buy a few items and to head off to their next grind to get some pre-ordered BiS or the chance to get a rare mount. It was simply people taking part in activities they enjoy in their game, with others who are also enjoying doing these things.

    To players on FFXIV, I'm certainly not making this up to increase karma for farming. WoW doesn't allow this. In the 6 years WoW has been in existence the closest I've ever seen to this was while walking through circles with 20 players riding the same horse. Cities are used to sell, auctioning and waiting in WoW. Nobody talks, let alone is there a crafting class or performances. If you ask a player which appearance they had for an item , you typically do not get a reply If you do "google the name of the item."

    MMOs exist and die by their community in my opinion. And FFXIV is, from the people I've met and participated in, has plenty to live for. 43 levels and loving every second of ARR.

    P.S to any possible WoW player who stumbles on this. The ARR claim is that it is grinding and it's in its own manner. However, if your level has been achieved on one character using classic wow/tbc, this "grind" will be refreshing in comparison. Try the trial for free test, what buy WOW TBC Gold do risk losing an entire day of farming primal fires or torghast runs?