Imagine a city that was larger than Falador

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    Runescape contains many undiscovered places, which many people ought to be aware of. This could mean that it hasn’t had a graphical upgrade in years or it could be that it doesn’t have anything to do there. Another issue is cities and regions not being big enough to care about, or just plain odd.

    This entry is intended to stimulate thought and gather ideas about how to fix it. First, let's start off with Burthorpe, an important city located in Asgarnia but, it was largely forgotten and left alone for a long time.

    Burthorpe was once the capital of Asgarnia before the time that the King fell ill. Now, seeing as Burthorpe was once the capital, you'd expect a huge, magnificent city with massive walls and tall towers and elite guards... well.. I have an unexpected surprise for you. It is not at all impressive, as there aren't any walls separate from the castle which means an attack from the trolls could be catastrophic, and the castle's wall is broken on the side where the trolls could attack, even though it does have scaffolding, but there are no workers working to fix it, or no guards to defend the wall? That is indeed insane! This is not all. The city has not been painted, rendering it boring, dull and useless.

    Imagine a city that was larger than Falador and with massive walls, two gates that guard the entrances and little spaces for guards to relax or make tea and eat during their shift. Each area of the castle could be adorned with an impressive, tall tower, filled with rooms that are important.

    To ensure safety, several homes would be constructed. They would look similar to Falador however, they would be in black. Each is a decent size and contain living space, a double bed, bathroom, another bedroom for a child, a downstairs with a kitchen, the cheap RuneScape gold dining area and a bookcase, possibly additional items, but they are not essential.