Siel is extremely populated. I have heard

  • There ARE p2w players but the majority of the aion classic kinah buying whales who play in aion are quite bad at understanding how to spend money, so they just spend much and never make any money. Aion is unique in that you can't automate winning just by spending lots of money. You must spend wisely

    You may disagree. You have to be able work hard if you intend to be competing against established players. But if you just want to experience the joy of growing and having a blast with similar skilled players, then the current player pve in NA classic is decent.

    I'm a long-time player of the first Aion, and I'd love to have new players join me! I'm loving the rifting mechanism in the game, and I enjoy playing pvp better than warmode in Warcraft. The game is a bit grindy, but it's been drastically reduced since the first time the game launched. This shouldn't scare you. A great deal of fun pvp happens before you hit 50! I'm a slow-leveler myself and even though the race to the best gear and abilities is very important however, I'm enjoying my ride on the way. Try it out for one month! I believe that $15 per month is worth it. There are additional ways you can invest money in the game, but they aren't "if you're not convinced you shouldn't be playing'.

    It's dependent on how proficient you are with grinding. I would guess that you'd be able to play WoW Classic. The game I played the most was Aion, which I played it in 2009 and when they added classic, I'm all for it. You should think of it as less of it's a free game that you pay for, and more of the mmo you're playing regular monthly subscription with. Pay no extra to get daeva passes.

    Siel is extremely populated. I have heard that leveling is difficult due to having to gank. I'm on a different server, and it's not that difficult to level. If you're having any issues I'm happy to send a PM to me.

    I decided to quit the classic last month. The reason is not the grindy nature , but because of the sheer number of bots within the game. It is a real pain to feel like a fool for playing the game while being confronted by bots everywhere. Goldsellers could be so annoying that ncsoft won't do shitabout it.

    It's your choice. You'd think that I wouldn't increase my level of gathering and giving others buffs while I complete the Manduri quests when I'm cheating. I'm not going to buy aion classic kinah blame you for not trusting me. I wouldn'teither. But what I'm saying is 100% accurate. I've never even used Shugo Console!