that you're in fact not lying, as there's no way

  • Ever see someone get arrested? It's always "I didn't do anything wrong!" Until that aion classic kinah buying evidence is out proving their wrongdoing. There's an entire field (criminal defense lawyers) that's job is trying to convince people you're innocent, when in reality more often than not you're innocent.

    Stop trying to convince me you're the exception, and that you're in fact not lying, as there's no way to convince me, short of NCSoft specifically announcement that "Exiting and re-entering the dungeon to complete the quest more than times will be punished with an immediate ban."

    What is the total number of members of your legion? Did 100% of them reveal their ban status and absence of it? It is possible that some people are exiled and not reporting that they had done it on discord.

    Your logic is frighteningly similar to "my family members don't wear masks (do repetables) and we've not experienced covid (didnt get banned) therefore wearing a mask (doing repeatables does not increase the chance of covid banned).

    "Have you ever been arrested?" It's always "I didn't do anything wrong!" Then evidence will be available to prove they did something wrong.

    and when it's revealed that they told the truth...look, everything is a possibility. I'm talking about everything. go both ways. If you are the company KNOWN for making mistakes all the time (and holy crap NCSHiT is extremely good in that regard) and then, we will most surely have nothing else to talk about because you're in a closed mind and an individual who blindly follows this type of organization. You'll trust whatever the government says to you. Continue living your best life grasshopper.

    "Hi Cherish. "Hi Cherish. However, they were willing to inquire and investigate. I'll check back to see if any changes have been issued which are worthy of sharing with the world.

    A person was banging on people that they observed entering and cheap aion classic kinah exiting SR. This seems very inhumane. However, I've an idea that this company does not log any of their operations, so it is manual and has to be observed in real-time.