Cannonballs are my moment-to-day obsession

  • ...So what are your thoughts on the premises as well as the assumptions and RS gold resultant theory? I've kept them apart to allow everyone to discuss the strengths of each and develop their own theories.

    After my last post on friend trading, which allows you to trade more frequently with friends who have been around for a long time, I began thinking about starting Runescape Union as a money transfer family. (Instead Western Union. This would permit large amounts of money to be transferred between two disparate entities. My goal is to accomplish this.

    Normal clans can simplify the process by having one their members act as secretary. The members of the clan will be close to this secretary. That secretary will befriend the members of the exchange clan. These members will in turn be referred to as the secretary of clans from other clans, as well as members of other exchange clans allowing exchange of funds between clans (Like bets and pots.)

    In addition, non-clan players can also befriend these exchange clans, which means that a huge amounts of money could be exchanged. The system must be able to withstand RWT since the money has to pass through many hands. What does this sound like?

    Since 2005 I've been playing this game in a back and back and forth. It was enjoyable to play a pker, and I loved playing it. However, when the wilderness was gone, I couldn't get back into it with the EP%, and all other things.

    In the end, I decided that I would just give membership to my old account that has 40 defence stop worrying about stats and just enjoy the game. I haven't completed many quests but I would love to PK those that are really fun. I'd rather take down something or earn decent cash.

    Cannonballs are my moment-to-day obsession. Is there a better way to make them? Are Cannonballs better than cannonballs? Could I earn more GP with coal if my mining is 60? What are the stats I'll require to be able to attain 40 defense with ever-high PVP? Thinking full Rune Are you aiming for defense or not at all? Thank you to everyone who has replied. I'm just trying to have fun with the game insted of stressing about lvls to earn money or pking.

    I'll lay out details about the problem, and the answer in three simple sections. In order to stop price manipulation, it will require a massive group effort, but will bring an buy OSRS gold end to the tyranny of the merchanting clans forever. I hope you will be able to learn from this experience and all other players who may require it.