The Roleplay / Dungeon Master Theory My speculation

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    We all know that jagex directs quest lines to the god wars 2 (or at the very least, we know about it) but no one is sure precisely how they'll overcome the obstacles that have already been introduced in the storyline (namely, the edicts Guthix). Which god will they be? Which god will be the one to launch it? Which mahjrahart will be elevated to godhood? What epic god wars will be?

    Unconsciously, I believe that the godwars will be triggered by the bilrach. I believe that guthix, yes guthix is at the bottom end of Daemonheim. Bilrach plans for a repeat of zamorak’s rise into godhood by banishing Guthix. With guthix gone, and his edicts Zaros is bound to surpass saradomin or zamorak (he was superior to them in the second age). .

    The only exception is if bilrach is in Zamoraks side. Because Zamorak is likely to be Zaros's first target, this would cut zaros's first strike short due to the first stage failing and cause gielenor's collapse into the god wars. The conflict will be furthered due to the appearance of other dieties. Lucien could or might not be elected prior to then.

    Jagex's March 2004 strategy for "Randomly generated scenarios" is the second assumption. Every time you embark to it, a brand new adventure is created for you and your friends. The new ability requires you to join an adventure group and set off on your own adventure. Source:
    Evidence is not actually. But the game engine of RuneScape is part of MechScape/Stellar dawn, therefore it is possible that RuneScape is capable of doing things that were previously unattainable.

    The Roleplay / Dungeon Master Theory My speculation on how this all connects. What is this all about? It could mean that you explore in dynamically generated instances of worlds. This could allow groups of players to embark on customized adventure dungeons and require the skills to be an experienced game master to oversee the adventure. As such the skill would be for the "dungeon master" or adventurer/roleplayer to be able to better control the adventure (maybe it'd allow more people in the adventure, higher level enemies, better loot, etc). This is in line with MMG's claim that "the community buy RuneScape gold will be thrilled" since it's focused on the community. But MMG could have just said that players would love the experience.