These urges will go away if you resist these urges.

  • In the last Christmas break, i got heavily into WoW Shadowlands before deleting my account the following spring. It hurts a lot to remember all the characters and the WOW TBC Gold time lost. It's not something is a regret, but it does make me have a hard time imagining my top-level toons, and the chance of raiding another mythic+.

    I have a level 70 warlock in a new account I set up in the summer. However, I did not begin playing much at that stage. It took me quite a while to reach the 70 level, and I was unable to do any end-game content.

    After months of playing console games (Pokemon Halo, Pokemon MCC) with a moderate amount... WoW has been calling my name. Yesterday , I started to watch some WoW gameplay videos and vids, and even though I'm not. I want to play the game. It's just $15 to get back to my TBC warlock...

    Moderation is a problem: It keeps your addiction circuits operating that can make it difficult to make permanent changes. Like hibernation to avoid relapses, they are always just in the distance.

    Re-entering WoW could cost more than $15. It would mean months and weeks of lost time. Your progress would be reset the sacrifices you made (deleting your account and going through the initial stages of withdrawal) were deemed worthless to the point of being meaningless. You'd create greater pain and suffering later on than the current temptation you're struggling with.

    These urges will go away if you resist these urges. You must get off your computer and go outside. Do other things, keep engaged. Quit thinking about it, and please you should stop watching WoW video and streaming. Don't risk another relapse!

    WoW remains the same boring grind that it's always been. It's made to educate and manipulate your brain. These kinds of designs are malicious and downright unethical. These companies can use your identity as a laboratory rodent to keep people hooked and continue to extort money and playtime. WoW isn't the pathway to a happy, fulfilled life. You will pay more for it later. It's not likely to cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold give you better results by playing this game than in the past.