Dungeoneering would give the most benefit

  • I'm going to restart playing RuneScape for OSRS gold a while for the first time in about 14-16 months, meaning I have pretty much got no hint in what has happened since then. I'll be receiving P2P. Every F2P battle stat at level 99. Did all quests before my retirement, so most of the"older" quests are done. Networth somewhere between 500M to 1B.

    Now, there's a few things I intend to perform. To start with, finish all the quests. Secondly, aim to get 70 dungeoneering. Thirdly, look at obtaining 82~ Summoning. Now here's a list of questions that I need answered: Together with the current Extra Experience weekend, could I gain the most from coaching Summoning or Dungeoneering during the weekend? (Maybe not in exp/h), but in time spent*) Any recent (past 1.5 years) game upgrades that'll severely assist training summoning or dungeoneering? Looking throughout the mainpage of Sal's, I find no actual Skill Assist or even Skill guide for dungeoneering.

    Does anybody have an current and informative guide on the ability and how to teach it? Tips on how to level Dungeoneering from level 1 will be most appreciated. Can the battle experience lamps out of Temple in Sennisten be utilized for Summoning and also what level is required? Can the generic encounter lamp from Temple at Sennisten be used for Dungeoneering and what level is needed? By this I mean that, in case the Exp Bonus saves me 10 hours while leveling 8 levels of summoning, but it saves me 13 hours of visiting 1-70 Dungeoneering, Dungeoneering would give the most benefit.

    Dungeoneering would be most beneficial since below 69 dungeoneering is quite slow for xp/tokens and you simply wanna get 69 asap for actual xp. However, it might be difficult for you to get going on this today as it's already started and you'll have some trouble finding groups. I would advise you do a few non-buyable abilities this weekend since it is already too late. Dungeoneering, the only thing you require is very good battle (that you've got; I recommend doing temple of sennisten first for soulsplit/turmoil that are immensely useful in dungeons). Summoning, there is the kyatt/cw tele method which you likely understand.

    Coaching dungeoneering, I had solo flooring for awhile, as it's fairly fast and buy RS gold many teams won't perform your flooring anyway until you get from the teens. So I had solo before you obtain access to floors in the teenagers. As soon as you get those floors, complete all the ones you are able to reset, and try w117 to discover teams and do 5 individual little rushes(meaning finish asap, do not kill uneeded creatures , etc) on 5:5 sophistication 6. Every time you finish all your open floors, reset(for prestige, which provides more xp) and replicate. Do this until you obtain access to flooring 20+. After you can do these, begin doing larges in the conclusion (20+) till you can do flooring 30(59 dung I believe). After that, do small rushes 1-20/25, then perform large rushes for the rest(still 5:5 complex 6).