I'd say around 30k per hour. Great luck!

  • Quickly run through the trapdoor behind the bar and RS gold use the ship. Using this method (with complete barrows armor), it is possible to easily do trips in under 10 minutes (with some practice) and salmon . The only time you should need to use prayer pots is if Dharok is at the tube. Barrows would be marginally faster with Ancient Magicks but you'll lose around 2k per cast which will greatly reduce gains. Inventory: Spade, Teleport to house, Dragonhide Armor, Crossbow or Whip (for Ahrim), two prayer potions (just in case), 4 Sharks (just in case) and the remainder salmon or mackerel.

    The Ideal Melee Powertraining. Well I'm almost 92 attack and I am going for 99. I am often slaying, but occasionally I would just like to chill out and power train. I am just wondering what is the speediest xp/hour. I've got a lvl 3 account,soon to be pure,with 40 cooking and fishing,and I've bought membership for this. How long will it take for my membership status to be renewed,I payed via a financial institution,they stated 6 business days,but the first time that I subbed I got it in 3,next within two weeks (Xmas)? How long can the Waterfall quest last? How long can a cannonball trip last from the al kharid lender to furnace? How much time can I rope in an hour? How much xp will get per hour in chaos druids? How much xp will I get per hour crawlers? Which quests should do for 40 assault &strength (Optional) with just 10 hp? If I perform for 4 hours,the number of lobsters will I be able to fish in the karamja dock? Which quests could get me started on ranged? How much money per hour are chaos druids? Keep I thoughts I need this pure to possess 1 pray. Thanks. (don't take action in al kharid, do it Edgeville) Chaos druids are approximately 150-350k a hour, based upon the herbs. You do not need any quests to start mage or range, but for mage, doing desert decoration can be helpful from 50+. It requires tons of other combat and skilling abilities, however. For range, biohazard gives a good training place, as does horror out of the deep. Horror in the deep is hard, however, because you want to defeat a lvl 100 monster.

    I'd say you could string about 2000-3000 mph. I really don't know about that he membership, because I have never purchased it via a bank. If you play for four hours, then don't take action on karamja, do it at catherby. You may get 500 or so lobsters at level 40. I don't understand exactly what you mean by how long the waterfall pursuit lasts. It TAKES approximately 30-40 minutes. For adventure at druids, less as at fleshies since it's more crowded. Perhaps 15k-20k. In fleshies, I'd say around 30k per hour. Great luck!

    XP share doesn't affect dungeoneering xp, just the xp from other skills which you happen to find xp in during the dungeon. In case you have a pure or a skiller on buy OSRS gold the group, certainly turn off it. Reset prestige once you reach your greatest floor. If you're low-level, this isn't necessarily a great idea, since on your way back up into the maximum floor you can do, you could unlock more flooring and feel bad about dreading early.