Some quick basics for you to know today

  • The plot to this skill is that you're attempting to OSRS gold learn what's underneath the big spooky castle. Some time ago, an incredible power swept through runescape (it was a large real-time event, players had been raised up temporarily and a red light shone onto everyone). Your aim is to journey into the lowest depths of the dungeons below the castle. . .all the way to ground 60...and discover the source of the odd power.

    Some quick basics for you to know today: Floor: You are able to do more floors as your level gets higher. The lower the ground, the better your experience gained. Complexity: Just how many abilities your flooring includes. The more complex, the more experience. Prestige: A mechanic that provides you mroe xp for taking the floors in order than just doing constant high level floors. Beginning room: the room you start in with all essential amenities, some food, and a shop with pretty much everything you might need. However, it costs a little.

    Binds: You can bind one weapon or peice of armour, along with runes or arrows (up to 125 of them). The amount of bindable weapons/armour increases as your level goes up. Guardian doors: you can just open these once you have defeated all monsters in the room. Skill doors: you want a certain skill level to open these. Puzzle room: like it says, a mystery. If you are stuck, look for a dungeoneering guide online. They record all of the puzzles. Death: reduces your experience by a reasonable chunk. Seriously, do not die. Nawt kewl. I hope that helps!

    I'll try to explain it super-easily. You will find a lot of buy RuneScape gold dungeons, known as flooring. Consider them as mazes that you get XP for by reaching the end. Since you level the skill, you unlock more flooring. The floor number has nothing to do with how hard the dungeon is. The sole difference between each floor is that the boss appears different as well as the scenery varies.