In regards to the super sets

  • Like they said above, fighter torso is the thing to OSRS gold do, and you may use it right now if you were to get it. For those legs, personally I like Verac's skirt for its own prayer bonus (and manliness). Even if you don't beg for your entire undertaking, you may as well use up your foundation prayer points on such as superhuman strength (+10% strength to the first part of your task is really nice), and the prayer bonus only causes it to go that much further.

    In regards to the super sets, super strength and attack are a must on all tasks, however super defenses you might wish to just bring if you discover you are struck a good deal on one particular task. Whatever the situation, superb guards are extremely cheap in comparison with others, and they just concern with them is they take up inventory space. Another thing that you should pick up is really a DDS to your spec weapon (if you haven't already). It's cheap, and has a good offensive unique that may minutely speed up your task (if anything it makes you feel good getting two great stacked hits).

    If you plan on slaying a good deal, you should make an effort to work toward finishing the tricky Seer's Village diary, as the Enhanced Excalibur is an excellent healing Panel weapon (+200 lp every 5 minutes is nothing to sneer at). It's some high demands, but it's definitely well worth it.I can see a major crash of dbones. In the long run, even farther than 2k. Prayer is one of those abilities severely dependant on updates as soon as it comes to raising in cost. For instance, Piety is published, prices escalated with 1000 gold growth overnight. Why? There is not a lot of bones in circulation, everyone would like them, supply is drained and costs skyrocket to adjust.

    Unless there's no upgrades released that makes high prayer a requirement, it is going to decline steadily. As soon as you start seeing new prayer content that demands a higher prayer level (70-99), then it is going to boost again. Then again, if there are no new update, it will just steadily decline. Maybe not a lot every week, but it'll steadily return a bit every month as years go by cheap RuneScape Mobile gold. It's just a volatile skill, it's somewhat like herblore.