Gear should be: Barrows gloves

  • Combine the two and OSRS gold powerslay! This means that you simply use your best att/str boosting prayers and super pots on your tasks, a cannon also in the event that you want to/can afford to.

    Gear should be: Barrows gloves, out of RFD. Dragon boots. Proselyte armour should you utilize prayers, barrows in the event that you don't. Whip, attempt to get a chaotic rapier once you can. Dragon defender, antidragon shield for dragon tasks (DFS is overkill, do not bother with one). Amulet of glory, attempt to acquire a fury as soon as you're able to.

    Part of the enjoyment of instruction Slayer is something fresh to kill every undertaking, sure, nice. I'm pretty sure eventually prayer potions would run up the charge to where I'm losing money, wouldn't it? By the way, thanks to the advice everyone.

    Even with prayer potions you will probably gain from buy RuneScape gold slayer, they are fairly affordable. In the drops alone you should profit, and if you do not have that then buying Slayer Dart runes from the slayer master for 35 slayer points (you get 36 for doing 2 tasks from Kuradel) gets you around ~70k that is decent and may add up to a decent cash if you invest your money on this rather than cancelling or blocking tasks.