What you need to do is sell off it.

  • I have a bgs and OSRS gold complete rune armor (obby cape, glory ammy newby yes but thats actually the I got, I sold all else but armor) I think im goin to sell it and buy ss for str coaching and torags(I like it even understand price to repair). . .Should i? My stats are: 75 assault, 70 strength(about to start for 80), 70 defence, 74 mage, 64 range(gettin 70 after strength) Also im currently im workin at Pest Control to get full emptiness melee and range and only acquired 130 pts. Without a noun ). We are a great community and we are glad to have you!

    As you mentioned, GS's largely come in handy when pking. What you need to do is sell off it... get an abby whip and save your cash... you may need it later on. :D And I do not really know some good armor, but if you change the subject title to -Good Armor Set Up To P2P- and you need to get some replies. Have fun! You state that for every individual linking sals lol. Good work. BGS is always a fun weapon to use due to the greater potency bonus however should never be used for real training - keep in inventory during slayer tasks for a random smack or KO but nothing else.

    Up to you on if you would like to have ~5m spent on a"fun" weapon or if you would have better uses for it. I attempt to be nice so the men and women who just come to ask one queries opt to remain. I still remember when I joined Yoyoma said the same thing. Made me deel quite nice. And ty. I wish to be rated one day as I am never going to leave Sals. OP: BGS is a fun weapon. It is always fun killing cows with it. I say goblins are better. And possibly trying Pking. But if you die... do not say anything to me personally.

    Where should I train in F2P? Scaper gave me a really good record for training but I lost it. For now, I received my str to 8 cows. Trained my def to 11 with mage defence casting and att to 20 with the pursuit vampyre slaye. It went fairly quickly. I also got my scope to 7 with a sling and a little bit of training arrows... in cows. I camped at the lesser to approximately 33 mage together with my set of cheap RuneScape gold ahrims. :P (black robes look like ahrims). With these stats, I'll do D-Slayer. What prayer level if I have with these stats? I would be thankful if you can make them such as 1-20...