Another Totally Random Mini-quest

  • My next idea is if you see somebody in OSRS gold your clan chat, their dot is not the same color, and in the example of clan wars your team becomes that colour and opponet's group is not the same color. This is to help people so they dont need to try and assault their team mates to see if they're on that person's side or not.

    My final idea is a clan chat owner can select"inviters" which can invite people in clan owner's clan chat. The inviters acts the exact same way as that can kick at the clan conversation (I meen when you pull the clan chat option, clan owner can select who has to be able to kick). Case in point: dawgsaysftw invites chaosor in zezima's clan chat. Zezima can accept the invite so chaosor can enter, or he can deny it, so chaosor can't combine.

    Another Totally Random Mini-quest. To start with, once a participant has completed the Sheild of Arrav quest, then they talk to Reldo who asks them if they wish to read the narrative of the Sheild of Arrav. When they shut it, Reldo informs them that the Museum Curator had a job for somebody. So they go to the Museum Curator who informs them of an insane scientist who resides in Draynor Manor and cheap RuneScape gold has built a TIME MACHINE! He explains he would like someone to return in time and try and retreive the Sheild of Arrav until it's lost. You go and speak with the scientist who tells you that you've got 10 mins to get back along with your stuck!