This boss starts off attacking the party

  • I had an idea. How about new supervisors that require strategy, and tactics? Because these bosses need more than simply slash and OSRS gold cure, a few changes would have to be made. Current supervisors can hit pretty hard, and some can strike multiple individuals with very hard hits. Of course with bosses I've in mind, that can not be an alternative. For the sake of the example, this boss will not have a title...

    This boss starts off attacking the party, but when it strikes 300 hp 4 bewitching generators in the room create a barrier around the creature. The monster can't attack in this phase, but it's spawns that emerge and attack. To be able to strike, you have ta destroy the four generators. During the conflict, the generators can respawn. Following your party destroys the generators, you can resume attacking the boss. The boss can simply hit to say 25, or utilize an attack that hits everyone that may go up to 20.

    If you're wondering why it strikes so low is the battle takes some time, and we only have limited stock space. When I wake up, I will return and in the future, I will organize the ribbon and add more. Thank you for reading!

    Right, basically, I don't like the new system (using assist) cause you don't get ess back. Jagex still has W66 recorded as cheap RS gold a Legislation Running globe, I really don't know why, but here's my proposal for a new way of law/air etc running. Its pretty easy. I've got two suggestions; Have an NPC who functions as a crafter and a runner (or two NPCs.)