Where are the Nintendo games?

  • Thanks. It's equally as soon one criticizes a guide, there is always a bunch of Animal Crossing Bells people ready to call out you. Again, I'm not mad or even that frustrated. Just. . eh. And we got. . what? . Two new games from Nintendo.

    The Direct was supposed to focus on the first half of 2021, but they spent a lot of time on games that are not coming out this season in any way.

    Where are the Nintendo games? They had to mention a game that's already published (Super Mario 3D World) just to add cushioning to this Immediate. Skyward Sword is cool and all, but that is only 1 game up to now this year, and it is going to be a $60 port.

    As far as first-party franchises go, I still think that one's fairly feeble. I haven't looked at earnings numbers, but I can't imagine it holds a game against Zelda, mainline Mario, Mario Kart, or Animal Crossing.

    Splatoon 3 is not coming out in Cheap Nook Miles Ticket 2021. I would have rather seen something else that I can get excited about right now.