I cite about Shaq shooting 3's and unrealistic attributes

  • The only thing I'd add (unless you said it and NBA 2K MT I overlooked it) is that 3pt percentage for a NBA 2K21 match needs to be more realistic. Meaning, if your offense contains shooting at more threes than twos, you shouldn't be able to make 50-70% of those. It is crazy that you can take 30-50 3pters/game superior than the summit Warriors who are greatest shooting team in background at 38%. A shield catching a rebound and running to get a fadeway off should not be a strategy. Yes, it should do the job here and there, but always grabbing collapses over GOAT KAJ and Yao when their cartoons coming down from their jump keep them out of even contesting the shot is absurd. People shouldn't have the capacity to routinely break Kobe Bryant's three point record for a NBA 2K21 match.

    I agree. But that's covered (kind of) once I cite about Shaq shooting 3's and unrealistic attributes. It is not the general shooting percentage for a team that is the problem, it's the 99 3 pointer on every freaking card. Everybody in the NBA is terrified of Stephen Curry and James Harden in Buy NBA 2K Coins the 3 point line. Within the arc they had been terrified of him in Eddy Curry's case. But when these centers have 3 pointers in the 90's that is the root of this problem teams are shooting over 50 percent from 3.