Offensive 3 minutes in park is actually 6 minutes

  • I am really willing to NBA 2K21 MT argue about them, so feel free, although normally I start these off by stating I'm attempting to start a discussion rather than a debate. Is that you describe the way that it makes NBA 2K21 BETTER. Do not just say"stop complaining about x ray", describe how x is really improving NBA 2K21. Speedy overview of my perspective. I'm a SS3 using a 67 W% in park (1200 games) and 80 percent in rec (250 matches ). The vast majority of the park games come with randoms, and the rec games are a mixture with buddies and of randoms.

    So I'm not a 2K god by some stretch, and I'm not a buttocks. My rec team wins so that I have experience being the squad that is sweaty that everyone hates and being of randoms on a group. I feel like I have more of a perspective of what it's like to be the 2K participant. I'm buying NBA Live 21 and 2K21 no matter what next year, but after that I'm sticking with another or one. Here's 10 changes I believe 2K must make that could make NBA 2K21 better for the vast majority of players.

    The extreme changes 2K21 Should create

    Offensive 3 minutes in park is actually 6 minutes. This lets bigs just camp at the paint for 5 minutes at a time either sitting under the rim for pump or an board faking 100 times beneath you are beneath the rim. During Rush events that they call 3 minutes in 3 minutes and it really cuts down on some of the article scorer cheese. Defensive 3 in the key should be added to park too, but mend it (in rec also) so in Buy 2K21 MT which you don't need to be hugging your man not to receive it known. A defensive 3 seconds call would function the same as a foul call. Coupled with #8 to the list, that will cut back on the paint camping.