I'm majorly losing attention

  • I mean sort of Animal Crossing Bells, however they nevertheless could add/bring back the actual shops. Especially Gracie's shop, yes Labelle comes and offers you her designer clothes, but that is nowhere near the amount of special clothes and furniture that you might get in Gracie's store.

    I'm a Massive fan of New Horizons. I have been playing Animal Crossing because the first game and I think that entry is far and beyond the best one in this collection.

    But as of a few months ago, I'm majorly losing attention, and I need more content, and the upgrades seem to be getting smaller and smaller. I don't even have high expectations--hair styles, more useful furniture (as opposed to super-niche holiday stuff), more harvestable plants, more hair styles, more buildings (cafe, authorities station), more hair designs, gyroids, more hair styles, etc..

    Yeah I mean I would not mind paying for a substantial content upgrade frankly. Here is the first AC game at which I really completed the entirety of the museum and Cheap Nook Miles Ticket now I can not say I have anything left to do. There's no way I'd cover any more content, it ought to be totally free DLC!