My journey is you and

  • Mo Anli's family comes down in one continuous line, and they are all excellent scientific researchers. Father Mo yuanhan and mother Li Siyu have a pivotal position in the Academy of Sciences, specializing in the research of top mecha, and are the leaders of the new generation of researchers. However, he was killed at a young age and eventually died. Although death is caused by many reasons, there is no denying that the culprit is Gru. Without Gru's instructions, no matter how bold Senator Yang Ying was, he would not have dared to attack the only two top mecha masters left in the Academy of Sciences at that time. And without Yang Ying's parliamentary proof, how could Mo yuanhan and Li Siyu, who were used to being cautious, easily fall into the trap and die? They died because of their trust in Parliament. But who would have thought that the Council, as the core of Terran politics, would collude with the notorious pirates? When this matter was exposed, it triggered the turmoil of the human race, they could not believe that the Council would attack the scientific researchers, but also Mo yuanhan and Li Siyu such top mecha division. You should know that at that time, the Academy of Sciences had just experienced a disaster, and could no longer afford any loss. In particular, the direction of Mo's husband and wife's specialization is closely related to the combat effectiveness of the human race! They could not believe that Parliament would make such a stupid decision. But as more and more irrefutable evidence emerges,Kava Root Extract, people have to believe that the Council has changed, and that the Council that once took the fate of the human race as its responsibility has disappeared, replaced by short-sighted and selfish vermin. This group of pests are in the top position of the human race, plundering the resources of the human race, living a life of drunkenness, but ignoring the fate of the people, killing scientific researchers for their own self-interest. Can't stand it. Since the parliament is no longer in line with the public opinion, why should they support them? Disappointed people gathered together and began to vent their dissatisfaction with the parliament. They held banners in front of the parliament to ask for an explanation. The Star Web was full of small papers expressing their opinions,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, and letters of opinions were piled up in official mailboxes. In response, the parliament at that time adopted the most crude and foolish solution, and they tried to suppress public opinion by force. As a result, it can be imagined that such a practice has thoroughly aroused public anger. The army is for the Terran, not the Council! They keep the army to save the whole Terran race, not to make them the stooges of the Council! The contradiction between the two sides is becoming more and more serious and intense. At this time, the Academy of Sciences, as the injured party, came forward to express their dissatisfaction with the actions of Parliament and declared that it was formally separated from Parliament and became an independent institution. The statement of the Academy of Sciences made the masses boil. The perfunctory and coercive attitude of the parliament made them extremely dissatisfied, and the result was fierce resistance. With the leading attitude of the Academy of Sciences, more and more people expressed their desire to break away from the control of Parliament. Even in the army dominated by the parliament, there were various voices, and the brutal attitude of the parliament made them angry and frustrated, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Theobromine Powder, so the courageous generals and soldiers followed suit, leaving the parliament and standing on the side of the masses. The defection of a large number of armed forces brought a fatal blow to the parliament. Finally, due to the pressure of public opinion and the army, the parliament had to announce its dissolution, and the members and their henchmen were tried by the court and punished. The current members of parliament were re-elected after that. I was going to settle accounts with you, but I don't think so now. Mo Anli's eyelashes drooped slightly, "because I found that you are probably never wrong." Why did Gru tell the whole story to the Msiri Worm King? Is it because of conscience and want to repent? No, it's not. He just submitted to the strength of the Msiri Worm King and had to give in. In his heart, he didn't care about it, and even secretly hated the Worm King for meddling. Now that Mo Anli has seen through this, he will not want to waste his energy. Why should he haggle with such a person? Besides, what if we settle accounts? Can his parents come back, or can Gru realize his mistake? None of them. Mo Anli's reason is brought into full play at this moment, so that it gives people the illusion of coldness. Kill him now? Ye Ningxia, holding the blade in her hand, asked. No, he's still useful. "Before Gru's value is completely squeezed, Moanli will not easily attack him, on the contrary, he will save him.". In addition, the news of the crystal nucleus and the alien race is of great importance, and it is very likely to affect the fate and future development of the human race. In this regard, the Terrans must plan early, regardless of the purpose, they need to understand both. Therefore, as the only person left in the know, Gru is very important. No matter which force it is, no matter what kind of purpose it has, it will not let Gru go. Presumably, the days after returning will be the most unforgettable days for the rest of Gru's life. And Mo Anli, just need to wait for the results to come out quietly. As for the process of interrogation and torture, he was not interested, and even the final outcome of Gru would not cause him any waves. From the moment Gru defected to the Worm King, Moanli knew Gru's fate: the man's sins could only be paid with his life in the end. Mo Anli's idea, Gru naturally did not know, Ye Ningxia is also stupefied after a meeting before suddenly enlightened. Want to understand can not help but sigh with emotion: is worthy of a Li, think so far. If it was him, he would have acted impulsively. Think of the gap with Mo Anli, Ye Ningxia can not help but feel a little depressed, and then quickly cheer up. It doesn't matter. Ali said that he has a strong plasticity. As long as he is well trained, his future achievements will not be low. Mo Anli took the tools and began to repair the nine Yin numbers, which was not difficult, just to reconnect the severed links. For the top mecha, this kind of work is simply not too easy. Mo Anli stepped down from the cabin,S Adenosyl Methionine, pointing straight at Gru with the light blade unsheathed in his hand, taking the place of Ye Lingxia: "You go up and get familiar with the feeling. No problem, we will return." "Good." Ye Ningxia turned to the cabin. Ye Ningxia was not surprised by this result.