Internal structure of Beverage Cooler


    China Visi Cooler top refrigerator is not just a simple refrigerator, it is also the unique creative design of your brand ambassador, which can be proudly displayed in HoReCa, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, convenience stores and other markets.
    China Visi Coolercounter is a popular small beverage cooler with 2 adjustable shelves inside to accommodate different bottle and can heights. There are LED lights inside the canopy for advertising and LED lights inside the human body to attract people's attention. Not only is a custom logo printed on the entire body, it can also be integrated with the logo engraved inside the glass door (on a high-quality acrylic board) and focused by corner LED lighting of any color. Regardless, this is a great beverage refrigerator to promote your drinks even in a small space.

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    Fan-assisted cooling system to achieve uniform internal temperature and ST climate rating

    Double transparent tempered glass door

    Adjustable temperature inside beverage 2 ~ 8 ° C

    CFC-free green gas R134a / R600a, harmless to ozone

    4 adjustable feet

    Light box with internal LED lights for lighting and advertising

    Interior cabinet with internal LED lights for lighting and attraction
    4 adjustable legs

    Lightbox with inside LED light for illumination and advertising

    Inside cabinet with inside LED light for illumination and attraction

    Self-evaporation water tray, user-friendly

    Rich experiences in the energy drink and beverage promotion