Consider Recycled Polyester Flag Fabric


    Recycled Polyester Flag Fabric is the repeated recycling of a large number of discarded plastic products produced by people’s daily consumption. It can effectively get rid of excessive dependence on petroleum resources, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and protect the environment, reduce pollution, and play a good environmental protection. Energy saving effect. Resource recovery and recycling are currently very common methods used to reduce carbon. Among them, PET bottles (plastic bottles) are recycled into recycled polyester fibers and are being used in large quantities in textiles. Recycling 1 liter PET bottles (plastic bottles) can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 0.042 kg, and every 20 PET bottles (plastic bottles) recycled can be processed into a T-shirt for summer.

    Recycled polyester fabrics can save nearly 80% of energy compared to conventional production of polyester fabrics, which can greatly reduce the amount of oil used. Data shows that each ton of recycled polyester yarn can save 1 ton of oil and 6 tons of water. Therefore, the use of recycled polyester fabrics has positive and important significance for my country's sustainable development plan for low-carbon emission reduction.

    Recycled polyester fabric:

    Recycled PET fabric (RPET) is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled fabric. Its yarn is extracted from discarded mineral water bottles and Coke bottles. It is also commonly known as RPET fabric. Because this product is waste recycling, it is very popular abroad, especially in developed economies in Europe and America. It is used in suspenders, shirts, skirts, children's clothing, silk scarves, cheongsams, ties, handkerchiefs, home textiles, curtains, pajamas, bows, Gift bags, sleeves, fashionable umbrellas, pillowcases, pillows, etc.

    Recycled yarn can reduce the amount of oil used, and each ton of finished yarn can save 6 tons of oil, which has made a certain contribution to reducing air pollution and controlling the greenhouse effect.

    Relevant certification and tag can be provided to prove that this fabric is an environmentally friendly and recycled product.

    Ordinary polyester fabric:

    Ordinary polyester fabric: it is ordinary polyester (POLY), its chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), its tensile breaking strength and tensile breaking elongation are higher than cotton fiber, and it has a good Heat resistance and thermal stability. Because of its many excellent properties, it is widely used in clothing, home textiles, decorations, and industrial products. Its rapid development speed and high output are known as "the crown of chemical fibers."

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