Sportswear Fabric Can Be Considered


    I tend to focus on the Sportswear Fabric, but there are a huge range of outdoor activities and sports that can benefit from clothing sewn in technical fabrics. Any situation where you need to control moisture getting to the skin (such as breathable waterproof hiking jackets) or moisture getting away from the skin (like sweat-wicking microfibers for Bikram yoga) will be improved by the use of a technical fabric. Many technical fabrics are also coated to resist fading under the sun or in chlorine, so your time spent in sewing your garment won’t go to waste after a few hard sessions, either.

    Not long ago, activewear sewing was a niche pursuit. A few pattern companies offered targeted patterns but most were left either making the basics or adapting casualwear patterns. Trying to find activewear fabrics was even worse. Luckily, over the past few years both large retailers and specialty fabric stores have greatly expanded the technical fabrics available to the home sewist.

    The problem now lies more in the dizzying array of names, weights, stretch factors, and colors available, which can quickly become confusing. Some fabrics have names we’re not familiar with. These fabrics also go by a myriad of trademarked names that major sports brands use. It can be difficult to tell exactly what you’re buying, as online retailers may not list a full fiber content, weight, or stretch percentage, let alone whether the fabric has been designed to wick moisture.

    Having a good and reliable source of technical fabric can make successive garments easier as you become confident that the fit will be consistent for a given fabric. Activewear lends itself to making multiple copies of the same pattern over and over. Once you’ve tweaked a pattern to your liking, most people need several pairs to get through a week’s workouts without doing laundry every day. Once you’ve cracked the pattern and fabric, the result is that you really can feel confident in your workouts, knowing that the gear you’ve sewn isn’t going to get in your way.

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