You Need to Know Polyester Flag Fabric Basics


    Unlike natural fibers such as wool (which comes from sheep, as you know!), Polyester Flag Fabric comes from a lab.

    Polyester is a plastic made from petroleum. A scientific process called polymerization creates a reaction between an acid and an alcohol. This makes the melted plastic that spins out into polyester fibers.

    The end result of this process is a repetitive strand of polymers that create an incredibly strong fabric thread.

    Developed in the 1930s, polyester fabric saw some highs and lows in popularity. Do any of you remember the scratchy double-knit fabric your grandparents probably wore in the 1950s? That was one of polyester’s less proud moments!

    Then polyester exploded into the vibrant styles of the 1960s, and aided the birth of the printed t-shirt in the 1970s. These days, you can find polyester everywhere, from seatbelts to Easter dresses to the upholstery in your living room!

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