An Introduction of Reasons of Using Polyester Flag Fabric in Ja


    While the above qualities of Polyester Flag Fabric give an indication as to why it is so widely used in jackets, we would like to elaborate on them some more to better understand the function of this material.

    Chemical and Sunlight Resistance
    Polyester fibers are highly resistant to a number of weak and strong acids at room temperature, moderate resistance to alkalies at room temperature and really good resistance against solvents, including those that would typically harm other fabrics.

    Some of these solvents include organic solvents, stain removal ones, as well as bleaching and oxidizing agents. There are, however, mixtures of phenol and trichloromethane, as well as m-cresol which dissolve and destroy the fibers.

    Soaps and detergents also have no damaging effect on polyester, which is what makes these fabrics so easy to clean.

    Polyester is also very resistant to sunlight, it does not fade or tint from it. This is a great quality when it comes to jackets, which spend a considerable time under the sun.

    Hydrophobic Nature
    Moisture wicking is one of the key features of polyester fabrics, which is why it is used in high-performance jackets that are made for strenuous sports and activities. Due to its hydrophobic nature, which in turn causes the fibers to absorb very negligible amounts of moisture, if any, and thus it allows it to move through the fibers and leave the inside of the jacket.

    Weather resistance is also a bit better in polyester fibers when compared to nylon, for example, and this is due to the fibers’ dislike for water. They are less likely to wet out and are able to fare a bit better in rain, even after the DWR treatment has worn out.

    Quick – drying is another quality of polyester fabrics that is a result of the hydrophobic nature of polyester fibers. Because they are non-absorbent, the drying process is quite fast. This works well should it happen to rain all of a sudden, as the jacket will dry a lot more easily.

    Abrasion Resistance and Durability
    A fabric that does not give in to wear and tear easily is quite useful when it comes to outdoor activities, which is another reason that polyester is used in jackets.

    Resistance to abrasions is also a key quality, since it means a longer lasting jacket.

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