Common Used Polyester Flag Fabric


      What fabric is the table runner? Which is better for Polyester Flag Fabric? How to choose flag fabric? Table runners are decorations placed on the table, usually fabrics. There are two types of table runners: one is the desk runner, and the other is the home decoration table runner. The desk flag is a desk flag placed on a desk or conference table. It not only represents the position of the country, unit or individual, but also plays a decorative role. The home decoration table runner is placed on the dining table at home or the coffee table in the living room to make the table more beautiful.

      Table runners are widely used in traditional Chinese home furnishings, and they are also frequently used in Korea. The use of table flags is very particular: it must not only coordinate with the color of the tableware, dining table and chairs, and even the overall decoration of the home, but also play a role in enhancing taste and style. Choosing a distinctive and textured table runner can make the layout of your home more elegant.

      According to the material, it can be divided into: cotton table runner, silk table runner, hemp table runner

      1. If the color of the tablecloth is different, it is suitable to match the table of similar colors.

      2. Light-colored tablecloths with gorgeous tablecloths. Warm-color tablecloths have lighter colors and can be matched with higher-density blue tablecloths. The contrast between the warm and cold tones of Zhuo Qi itself has become the focal point of the vision.

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