Honkai Star Rail Main Quest - The Vortex Ends in the Center Com

  • The first plot task is mainly teaching for novices, just follow the guidance, there is no difficulty. See the green device in the picture below to restore blood when broken. This is a destructible object in the scene. You can get some rewards when you smash it. Green is used to restoring blood, and purple is used to recover secret skills. Some scenes can be used sparingly, and come again when there is no blood destroy.

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    After entering the monitoring room, there is a destructible box inside. There are only some materials here, and there is no need to deliberately collect them.

    After SanYueQi joined the team, you can follow the guide to understand the content related to the role. Enter the first battle after going out, and learn to break the content with weak points. After entering the central area, there is a treasure box that can be picked up. It doesn’t matter if you miss it, you can come back to collect it in the future.

    In the next battle, I learned to use the shield. The shield of SanYueQi can be said to be a magical skill in the early stage. It not only has the effect of resisting attacks but also has the effect of mocking. You can spend resources to raise it in the early stage. In the central disc area, there is also a treasure chest.

    There is a boundary anchor next to the central elevator. This can be understood as a save point, where health can be restored. It can be used as a teleportation point in the future, and it will be opened when it is closed. Near the elevator, Danheng joins the team. He is a very powerful 4-star character; I recommend it to be cultivated, and he has a very high single-target output ability.

    After seeing Alan unlock the whereabouts of the character. After a brief understanding, leave the monitoring room, and there will be a boundary anchor when you go out. There are books to pick up in the room on the left, and these can also be collected in the future.

    After destroying another enemy, the light cone system will be unlocked in front, and the light cone can be understood as the character’s weapon. After understanding, move on and enter the elite monster battle. It is relatively simple to defeat the enemy. After defeating the enemy, Ji Zi appeared to save everyone.

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