Pop Up Tent Manufacturer Advised Winter Camping Tents

  • So you’re thinking of going camping this winter? For some people, that might not seem like such a cozy idea, especially if you are planning on going to a place where it is bitterly cold. But, others enjoy the challenge of a cold winter trip and it becomes even less of a challenge if you use the right kind of cold-weather tent.

    The pop up tent manufacturers says that is important to be prepared for winter camping and having the necessary tent is the first step in that process.

    Cold-Weather Tents
    A great option for a cold-weather tent is The 4 Person – Tent. It is advertised 4 Season Tentas being as tough as tents come. One reviewer calls this tent “all you need to survive the zombie apocalypse” for all of you caught up in the zombie craze. Tents like the Bastion are referred to as 4 season tents.

    These tents are great during deep snow conditions, heavy blizzards and high altitude. A 4-season tent is designed for extreme weather conditions like wind, freezing rain, snow and sleet. They are extremely durable, outfitted with aluminum poles, reinforced stakes and guy out points. Most have hi-lo adjustable venting systems to manage moisture build up and to prevent snow and rain from forming inside the tent due to condensation.

    Good 4-season tents, like any well designed tent, come with bathtub floors with the seams taped. The full-coverage flies are fully taped and include vestibules for storing wet and frozen gear outside the sleeping area.

    Car Tents
    Truck TentAnother option for winter camping is a car tent, for those with vehicles that can be adapted to support a tent attached to it. One of our highest rated ones is the Dac Mid-Size Truck Tent, which is compatible with a surprisingly large number of vehicles, and not just trucks. Relatively easy to set up with instructions, the Dac-Mid-Size Truck Tent is a great alternative to a traditional tent. When you’re winter camping in a truck or SUV, just remember that cold winds under metal will make for cold floors. A good sleeping pad is a must. With a car tent, you have the luxury of having the weather protection of your vehicle but also still get the camping feel while sleeping in a tent. The packing weight is only five pounds and is not bulky when packed up, so it does not take up much space when stowed.

    This option won’t work for backcountry locations like a self-contained 4-season tent will, but it is a more affordable alternative if you decide to stay warm by bundling up with blankets and winter sleeping bags in the back of your vehicle.

    Regardless of the equipment you use, it is imperative to be prepared for your winter camping trip as sleeping in the cold can be a very daunting task if you don’t have the correct gear.

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