Uses of Pop Up Tents Introduced By Pop Up Tent Manufacturers

  • What is a Pop up Tent?
    Pop up tents sold by pop up tent manufacturers have many shapes, sizes, and uses. This research is based around the standard 10’ X 10’ pop up canopy tent. The construction of these tents is fairly straight forward. They consist of the frame, a canvas or fabric canopy, carrying case, and stakes with rope for tying the canopy tent down. The frame is designed to collapse and expand easily so that the canopy can be draped over the top. The four legs are telescopic in nature, which allows the tent to be raised and lowered quickly. Most frames are made of aluminum while most canopies are polyester—a fabric that is both durable and waterproof.

    Pop up tents have been used for centuries in one form or another to provide shelter in open outdoor markets. One account from Henry Benjamin Latrobe describing an open market in New Orleans from the early 19th century stated that vendors were lined up in two rows as far as the eye could see with stalls or tables with a tilt or awning of canvas. With time, outdoor markets created a demand for what we now know as the pop up tent.

    Where are They Used?
    Pop up tents make sense from a vendor’s standpoint because they are highly portable, easy to use and create a sense of “store” or “market” that entices people to step in and see what the booth has to offer. In the old days, tents were heavy affairs using timber as the structural supports with a canvas or hemp canopy.

    As technology improved over time, so did the tents. Today pop up canopy tents are commonplace. We see them used in a variety of locations and for a myriad of purposes including but not limited to:

    Farmers Markets
    Conventions & Expos
    Fairs (Including Job Fairs)
    Trade Shows
    Tailgate Parties
    Events – Races, Neighborhood Barbeques, etc.
    Pop up tents at an outdoor street market
    Generic canopy tents are commonplace at these venues, but you may also see custom or branded tents. Individuals who use pop up canopy tents for personal use generally use a single color, generic canopy. These canopies are cheap and can be inferior in quality and durability. A custom-designed canopy, on the other hand, will look great and last longer with proper care.

    Why Custom Pop up Tents?
    There are 8,600 Farmers Markets registered throughout the US, some of them bringing in as many as 60,000 visitors per day during the peak season. On top of that, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research cataloged roughly 9,400 B2B exhibitions in 2018 that have at least 10 or more exhibiting companies each year. The number of attendees at these and the other types of vendor markets mentioned above gross in the millions. There is a lot of potential for business in these markets and events. Which begs the question, how do businesses and vendors stand out in a sea of canopy tents?

    Pop up tent that has a branded canopy
    There are several aspects to making a vendor booth stand out. Attracting as many visitors as possible is a priority for vendors who are aiming not just to cover costs of exhibiting but to make a profit and build a customer base! One of the best ways to attract attention is to customize the booth itself with custom pop up tents. Not all venues are suited for pop up tents but when they are, our survey results show that having a custom pop up tent really helps draw the crowds.

    If you have interests about advertising tent, welcome to your come and purchase!