4 Facts About Advertising Tents Are Introduced

  • Of course, every camping enthusiast wants his or her tent to be 100% dry inside, to last a lifetime and to survive many years without damage. TATONKA tents are top class quality workmanship – but it’s good to keep the following facts in mind:

    Fact 1
    No advertising tent is 100% waterproof. A finished tent consists of various materials and parts. Seams, depending on the design and materials, cannot always be waterproof and water can also seep through the zips. Condensation should be allowed to exit via special openings in the tent.

    Fact 2
    Tents do not last a lifetime. All materials age, especially when subjected to rough weather conditions or UV rays. Tips on the best ways to deal with external influences can be found in the tent manual.

    Fact 3
    Even in good tents, there is still condensation dampness that simply cannot be avoided in a tent. Tips on minimizing condensation can be found in the tent manual.

    Fact 4
    If not handled or stored correctly or under too much pressure, even aluminium rods can break. It is therefore recommended that you always take at least one spare sheath with you when you go camping.

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