Pop Up Tent Manufacturers Are Willing to Introduce Tent Styles

  • The pop up tent manufacturers would like to introduce some types of tents styles.

    Convertible Tents
    Some four-season tents can be converted into three-season styles by removing additional poles and panels. Although not as sturdy as a true four-season, convertible tents provide an option for people who enjoy camping all year long.

    Freestanding Tents
    Freestanding tents are those that stand up on their own and don’t require any support such as stakes, guy lines, or ropes. However, it’s always best to stake down your freestanding tent if possible or weigh it down with something inside. Otherwise you may witness your tent bouncing across a field or the desert if the wind picks up. A Guide to Choosing Between Freestanding & Non-Freestanding Tents Best Family Camping Tents How to Pitch a Tent Where to Pitch a Tent ABO Gear Nylon Cabana Eureka Tents What’s a Freestanding Tent? Comfortable Camping: A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Tents

    Single-Wall Tents
    Single-wall tents are made out of a single layer of waterproof/breathable material. Lighter and more compact than double-wall dome tents, single-wall tents are mainly used for alpine base camps, since keeping weight and bulk down is absolutely critical. However, be aware that single-walled shelters are more susceptible to collecting condensation. Single-Wall Tents

    Double-Wall Tents
    Unlike single-wall tents, a double-wall tent uses a canopy and rainfly (to keep water out). Excess condensation has less chance of forming inside due to the ventilated canopy allowing moisture vapor to escape. The rainfly blocks wind, rain and snow, and air can circulate because of the gap between the canopy and rainfly. Double-Wall TentsCampmor Blog | Tents 101

    Family/Basecamp Tents
    Designed to accommodate groups of three or more people, some family tents have multiple rooms with room dividers. Others are one large room. Family tents are mainly used for car camping outings but can also be used in the backcountry such as canoe or rafting trips, especially the 3 to 4-person type. If you are carrying a tent like this, make sure to distribute the weight between all members of the party. However, larger sized tents, such as those designed for 5 or more people can be quite heavy and bulky and are best used for car camping only. Most, if not all, family tents are considered three-season tents since they are not built to handle harsher conditions during the winter months.

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    Backpacking Tents
    Backpacking tents are used for camping in remote areas that can only be accessed by hiking. Since you will most likely be carrying your tent, usually for many miles over many days, a good backpacking tent needs to be light, compact and durable. It should also pack into a relatively small stuff sack and ideally weigh close to or less than 5 pounds. Most backpacking tents will include a vestibule, which allows you to store your gear outside of the tent while still keeping it dry, and can also be used in a pinch as an area for cooking (with a backpacking stove) in wet weather. If you decide to cook under your vestibule – make sure the vestibule is open to prevent steam from backing up into the tent, getting everything wet and also to provide ventilation so combustion fumes will not become a hazard. Some tents do not include a vestibule, which is not necessarily a negative, since condensation will be kept to a minimum with better ventilation. Best Family Camping Tents How to Pitch a Tent Where to Pitch a Tent Backpacking Tents Eureka Backpacking Tents

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