How Could you Improve The Safety Of Advertising Tent

  • I believe everyone has seen the advertising tent more or less. Many people will consider its safety before buying the awning. In fact, the safety of the awning depends largely on its installation, so how can we improve the safety of the awning Sex?

    The awning is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the connection between the column and the ceiling is reinforced with a built-in galvanized steel structure, which is safer and firmer. The surface of the aluminum alloy is treated by powder electrostatic spraying, and the oxidation resistance is more than 30 years.

    Security: Because it is impossible to effectively cut the installed laminated glass with a glass cutter, and it takes a long time and loud noise for normal people to break through the laminated glass with other tools. Therefore, it is very difficult to enter the room by cutting or breaking the laminated glass and it is easy to be found. Laminated glass has a strong resistance to malicious destruction, theft and violent intrusion.

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