Great Features of Pop-up Tent Trailers Introduced

  • There are a lot of great ways to go camping, from tents to motorhomes and everything in between. If you have a spouse that is not sold on the idea of roughing it in a tent, though, a pop-up tent trailer is a great alternative to traditional tent camping. Here are ten great reasons given by pop up tent manufacturers to consider a pop-up tent trailer for your family camping solution.

    Sleeping capacity
    Pop-Up Tent Trailer Interior

    Pop-up tent trailers have large, foldout beds and usually a dinette that can also convert to a small bed and can comfortably sleep five or six in a pinch. This is a real advantage for family camping, because a pop-up tent trailer offers plenty of sleeping space for family and friends.

    Sleeping comfort
    Pop-Up Tent Trailer MattressTheir mattresses won’t win any awards for comfort, but compared to the cold hard ground in a traditional tent, the relatively thin and hard mattresses in a pop-up tent trailer are a much more attractive alternative for many non-outdoorsy spouses.

    Because the bed platforms on a pop-up tent trailer are open to the air underneath, they can get cold in the winter. Some people close-off the open air space by wrapping a tarp around the outside of the bed platforms. Another alternative is to lay a space blanket underneath each mattress.

    Pop-Up Tent Trailer Airflow

    Pop-up tent trailers have very large mesh panels, surrounding the foldout bunks, that provide much better airflow than many cabin-style family tents. These large mesh panels eliminate the closed-in, dark and stuffy feeling that turns some off to tent camping.

    Amenities: rustic to extravagant
    Pop-Up Tent Trailer KitchenA basic pop-up tent trailer may have just a sink and a two-burner stove, but higher-end models can have refrigerators, toilets, showers, and even air conditioning.

    This flexibility allows you to tailor your camping experience to meet your family’s needs and maybe the needs of your non-outdoorsy spouse, without completely giving up on the outdoor experience that tent camping provides.

    Cargo capacity
    Pop-Up Tent Trailer Storage Capacity

    Pop-up tent trailers are more than just rolling tents. They also provide storage space inside for your gear and many make this space externally accessible even in their folded configuration, through a cargo hatch. Some pop-up tent trailers also offer external storage trunks in the front, or back of the trailer. These are important features if your family vehicle is too small for all of your family camping gear.

    Toy hauling
    Pop-Up Tent Trailer Toy Hauler

    Pop-up tent trailers have hardtops that support racks for bicycles, surfboards, canoes and kayaks. This allows you to not only take all of your family’s camping gear, but also the outdoor toys that make every family camping trip a memorable experience.

    Towing weight
    Pop-Up Tent Trailer TowingMany cars, minivans, and small SUVs are rated to tow 3,500 pounds, which is well-suited for the majority of pop-up tent trailers, most of which are in the 2,800 pound (or less) range.

    Easy to tow
    The low profile of a pop-up tent trailer makes them much less susceptible to buffeting and sway from wind and passing trucks. They are also much more economical to tow and can be towed by lower-power vehicles, due to their low wind resistance.

    Lowest cost RV
    Pop-up tent trailers are about half the price of a hard-sided camping trailer. In addition, their relatively small size allows them to fit in a driveway or even a garage, which can save hundreds of dollars every month in RV storage fees, over a camping trailer or motorhome.

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