Why Not Know More Information Before Choosing Outdoor Garden Ga

  • Camping tents introduced by outdoor garden gazebo come in many shapes and sizes. Classic tent designs are dome, cabin, A-frame, and tunnel tents. The newest trend, instant tents, are designed with installed poles and pop-up frames to make setting up a tent as easy as possible. Let’s review the common tent designs.

    Dome tents
    Dome tents are a traditional and popular design. They are freestanding, featuring a cross-pole structure that provides better stability. Dome tents generally handle snow and strong winds better than tunnel tents. They are typically tall in the center but the walls are more sloped which reduces space. Dome tents are common designs for 2 and 4 person tents, and generally budget-friendly.

    Cabin tents
    Cabin tents are designed with near-vertical walls to maximize overall peak height making them the ideal design for campers who like to stand up in their tent. These tents are common for families or groups of 4 or more, as they provide plenty of space to move around. Cabin tents tend to be heavy and are best for car camping.

    Tunnel tents
    Tunnel tents are generally easier to set up and take down. They have a uniform arch design that requires the support of guidelines for optimal performance. Tunnel tents often have a larger vestibule than dome tents providing additional space to store gear.

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