Lost Ark - 48 faction battleground for 48 players

  • At the end of January, the developers of the Korean version of Lost Ark opened a public test server to identify various problems and bugs related to the special faction battlefield - the second part of the content of the last Rowen continent. In this short article, we will study the main features of this battlefield. It should be noted right away that the information below is based on the test version and by the time this content is released, some things may change.

    Basic moments:

    The battlefield is available on schedule, designed for 96 players (48 vs 48), and takes place in a separate spacious location.

    The entrance portal is located in the last location of the Rowen continent, at the base of your faction.

    In order to participate on the test server, you need to collect 1445 GSa and reach rank 1 (conditions on live servers are likely to be different).

    You can apply for the participation alone or as part of a group/raid. To apply in a group or raid, only one player needs to click on the button.

    There are channels on the battlefield. You cannot switch between them, new ones are created as soon as 18 players are recruited who have applied.

    There is a system of weekly confrontation between factions, but it does not work on the test server. In the picture below, it's a small strip at the bottom.

    In addition to the usual battlefield, there is a special mode - friendly. It does not have any rewards at all and will require a minimum of 40 players to run, in other words, instead of 48 vs 48, you can run 20 vs 20.



    To win in 18 minutes, one of the factions must accumulate 100% of energy or gain the most percentage by the time the timer ends.

    Energy is awarded every 3 minutes based on how many control points the faction has captured by the time the timer ends. One point adds 5%, there are 8 in total, but the last one is unlocked over time.

    At least 1 player must stand on it for about 5 seconds to capture a neutral point.

    • If the point is captured by the enemy, the time is doubled, because first, you need to remove the capture (transfer to neutral) and then capture.
    • If there are 2 players of the opposite faction on the point, the capture process stops.


    For capturing points, killing, or assisting in the killing of players of the opposite faction, you get contribution points.

    They partly affect the final reward and act as a criterion for using additional mechanics, in the latter case no points are spent.


    Location features and additional mechanics
    Captured control points act as teleport points, to which you can only move from the starting point (your faction's base).

    The player can move from anywhere on the map to the starting point (to the base) by pressing a special button, this mechanic is tied to the song, so it will take a certain amount of time to cast it.

    Defensive cannons are located in some parts of the location, they can be controlled by players.

    There is a supply station at the base near the starting point.

    • With its help, the player can replenish the supply of consumable Lost Ark items 1 time.
    • 100 Contribution Points are required to activate.


    1 minute after the start, the object “회복의 기운” appears in fixed areas of the map.

    • Places a buff on players and allies within a certain radius that gradually restores HP.
    • To activate, you need 10 contribution points.


    5 minutes after the start, wolves appear at the faction bases.

    • Special combat mount.


    8 minutes after the start, a portal opens leading to an island with 8 checkpoints.

    • Capturing control point number 2 unlocks the object “강철한 실마엘의 기운”.
    • Increases attack, attack speed, and movement speed for a certain period of time.
    • 50 Contribution Points are required to activate.
      Capturing control point number 8 unlocks the object “실마엘 정령 기사 봉인석”.
    • Allows for a short period of time to turn into a knight with a special ability to deal damage and buff allies.
    • Requires 150 Contribution Points to use.


    Rewards and penalties

    • Killing players of the opposite faction gives faction experience.
    • At the end of the match, faction experience and currency are given out. The winning side and players with a high amount of contributions receive more rewards.
    • At the end of the match, players with low contributions receive a penalty. Players with a penalty cannot re-enter the battlefield for a certain period of time.



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