Lost Ark: The complete guide to glacier isle mokoko seed

  • Glacier Location of Mokoko Island Seeds in Lost Ark . This handy guide can help those looking for mokoko seeds in Lost Ark.

    Lost Ark's Glacier Isle is a small island with a unique musician named Orazio and a sad polar bear named Samley, mourning his mother's loss for those who haven't been yet. This island has a long and dark questline regarding pollution and global warming that starts with Matthias' Iceberg Investigation (found on Peyto) and ends with a beautiful concert cutscene in the Elegy of Serenity quest. Along the way, players get access to the new Rapport NPC in Sadly and a slew of Tier 1 enchant materials, the notes of Elegy of Serenity, and the soul of Glacier Isle Island, making this a must-have side quest. So despite its modest size, it's safe to say that a lot is going on on this island. Players also needed to get to the end of the last phase of the quest chain, which is a little tedious. So, to save some time, let's take a look at where to find all three mokoko seeds on the island and how to get them in Lost Ark. Remember that mokoko sources can be found pretty much everywhere in this game, from Luterra Castle to Punica Coast, so keep that in mind as you explore new areas.

    Mokoko Seeds 1 & 2. From Glacier Island

    Get the first two Mokoko seeds. Players must wait for the floating sheet of ice to reappear right above Samley so they can drive (indicated by the raft icon on the minimap). Once upon the second half of the island, they need to follow a linear path until they reach an extensive, curved boardwalk.

    The first two mokoko seeds are outside of the actual map itself, hidden behind a fake wall, right where the curve starts (as seen in the mokoko seed icons in the image above). Finding this secret path will not be difficult if you look at the same area in the image above and enter the wall while moving forward a little. Continue down the path, grabbing two mokoko seeds before moving to the third.

    Mococo seed three from the glacial island

    Just find this identical area, using the image above as a guide, and keep going into the wall until the character walks through it, just like the first two Mokoko seeds. Follow the path to the last Mokoko seed, and you're done! All three mokoko sources have been added to the collection! The last Mokoko seed is on the last piece of land, leading to a dead-end which is part of the quest chain, so make sure you get it before you leave the island, or you'll have to complete some steps—bored coming back later.

    Be sure to return to Tortoic after collecting fifty Mococo Seeds, as Totoma, the elder of the Mococo Village, offers a variety of gifts, from teammates to transformations for those who aren't interested in the extra pay-to-win game components.

    The PC version of Raiders of the Lost Ark is now available for free on Steam.