Lost Ark: Guide to the location of all the hearts of the giants

  • The Lost Ark has a plethora of different collectibles, but the Hearts of the Giants are perhaps some of the best ones to keep players focused on finding them first.

    Hearts of the Giants is one of the many different types of horizontal progression in Lost Ark. So for those who are starting to get tired of the pay-to-win aspects of the game or of all their failed attempts at honing, it's best to focus on Giant's Hearts for a while. It doesn't seem like a fruitless effort, as the Lost Ark rewards for these objects are pretty stellar overall, from skill point potions to Totoiki's transformation.

    However, it's not precisely a collectible that players will see all the time, like mokoko seeds or masterpieces. Instead, there are only 15 in the game, and collecting even one requires a fair amount of work. However, this guide should help, as it tells you exactly how players should find all the giant hearts in Lost Ark.

    Location of the giant's Heart

    • 1st Giant's Heart: Reward from the quest "Five Scattered Brothers" Cake.
    • 2nd Giant's Heart: Beatrice Rapport with Friendly 1 in Trixion (total 47,700 rapport).
    • 3rd Giant Heart: Sasha Link with Trusted (total 103,700 Link points).
    • 4th Giant's Heart: RNG Drop from Lake Eternity Field Boss Tarsilla в Шушире.
    • 5th Giant's Heart: Exchange 3300 Hyena Coins for the giant's Heart in Black Fang Lair.
    • Heart of the 6th Giant: Trade with a randomly spawned Merchant in the Atlas for 33,000 Pirate Coins.
    • Heart of the 7th Giant: Complete Una's " Fight Tuki" quest once a day for 30 times.
    • Giant's Heart 8: Island of Freedom NPC exchange for 4000 Genie Coin.
    • 9th Giant's Heart: Calvasus Bond with the Trustee in Hypnos Eyes (37,900 bond points) ).
    • 10th Giant's Heart: Reward for completing the 35th Floor Shadespire.
    • 11th Giant's Heart: Rewarded for completing 15 days of Oona's "Rogues in the Ground" quest on Azurewind Isle.
    • 12th Giant's Heart: Reward from the "Spirit with a Heart Quest" quest in the Shadowmoon Market, hidden behind some side quests and five days of one of Una's quests.
    • 13th Giant's Heart: Fatespire Award for 35th Floor.
    • 14th Giant's Heart: Nineveh Trusted Mutual Reward (total 102,200 Mutual Points) on the Isle of Whisperers.
    • 15th Giant's Heart: The 15th Heart Roster quest completed via the "Giant's Heart" Quest Scroll has been updated after players have collected the other 14 Giant's Hearts.

    Recommended order of collection

    The most natural order in which these seemingly lore-important Hearts of Giants should be collected is not necessarily the same as the number of every HeartHeart in the game. The order does matter, though, as even three extra skill points can make a massive difference in all forms of Lost Ark's content, from PvP to Abyss dungeons and even Guardian raids. Thus, getting at least four collected is a big bonus. With that in mind, here's the best order to get giant hearts, from first to last:

    • The first HeartHeart of a giant: "Five scattered brothers"; The questline can't be skipped, and it's available right after completing the main story of Tortoika (luckily, it's one of the region's shorter questlines).
    • Heart of the 10th Giant: Reaching the 35th Floor requires a low item level of 480 in total.
      14th Giant Heart: For the same reason as the 10th.
    • 5th Giant's Heart: Many island quests give one-time Sea Coin Chests to quickly get to 3300 Hyena Coins.
      8th HeartHeart of a giant: for the same reason as the 5th.
    • Heart of the 6th Giant: There are many one-time rewards for the pirate coin island quest, but 33,000 is still not much.
    • Heart of the Fourth Giant: Tarsilla is an uncomplicated field boss, and all it takes is time management.
      9th Giant Heart: Calvas has the lowest rapport requirement of any rapport-related heart.
    • Heart of the 2nd Giant: Simply because Beatrice only needs to get to Friendly 1 instead of Trusted, which puts her in the second-highest rapport requirement.
    • 11th Giant's Heart: A simple quest on a simplified island that requires 15 days to complete the quest "Robbers in the Earth" Oona's Challenge.
    • Heart of the 12th Giant: Requires more prerequisites but is just as easy to complete as the 11th HeartHeart.
    • Heart of the 3rd Giant: This is an absurd investment in Rapport, but Sasha's quests and dialogue add up to a decent amount.
    • 14th Giant Heart: Nineveh's quests and requirements are more demanding, but the difference in Rapport needed is only about 1000 points.
    • Level 7 Giant's Heart: A little misleading, as this is one that players should start with as early as possible, as it requires 30 days of investment.
    • 15th Giant's Heart: The final quest is easy and requires the reward of collecting 14 Giant's Hearts to complete.