Lost Ark: Stone of Power - How to start and complete the quest

  • Power Stone (Powerful Stone) is a world quest in Lost Ark. During the quest. The player needs to bring the ingredients to the blacksmith to craft a potent weapon. Read about how to complete this quest in this guide.

    Quest conditions

    To start this quest, you need to fulfill several conditions:

    Reach level 50+
    Complete the mission "Calm Environment."

    How to start a quest?
    The quest can be started by talking to an NPC named Urm Rodobrod. It is located on the Isle of Peace:

    After talking with the blacksmith, the player will learn his assignment. It is necessary to obtain and bring a few items for Utm so that he can create a new invention.

    List of targets
    The hero will have to bring three different objects:

    • Basalt Guardian Shards x15
    • Shards of boulders
    • Talon of Cassius, the Accursed

    During the quest, you need to visit two dungeons: the Ruins of Moraya and To the Heart of Tortoik.

    Obtain the Claw of Cassius the Accursed
    To kill Cassius the Accursed, head to the continent of Judia. From here, you need to go to the Salt Desert. The Ruins of Moria dungeon is located in this area. Cassius the Accursed lives here:

    Cassius can be defeated by weakening his dark energy. Use the golden mirror and shine the light directly on Cassius to do this. This maneuver will destroy his defenses, and you will be able to defeat him.

    After killing Cassius the Accursed, the player will receive the necessary Lost Ark material - the claw of Cassius the Accursed.

    Collect shards of Basalt Guardians
    The following two ingredients are found on Tortoic Island. In the Basalt Forest on the island, there is another dungeon called To the Heart of Tortoik.

    In the first part of the cave, defeat the Giant Basalt Guardians. In this instance, the hero will stumble upon mobs from which the necessary loot falls. Fragments of basalt guards fall from them. It is enough to kill all the groups in this zone to get the required 15 units of material.

    Get boulder shards
    Boulder Shards can also be found in this dungeon. Climb down this wall to find the mobs:

    Kill them all. Most likely, the hero will collect sufficient materials before the instance is completely cleared. Despite this, it is advisable to kill all the mobs to increase your chances of success.

    Give materials to Urm
    Return to the Isle of Peace and find Urm Rodbrod again. Give him the loot. This will complete the quest.

    As a reward for this quest, the player will receive:

    • 320 - Legacy Points
    • 121 - Silver
    • 3pcs — Umar box "Urm attacks."
    • 12pcs - Umar box "Urm protects"
    • 1pc — Elixir of skills
    • Opening of the next task, "Behind every great Umar ..."