Lost Ark: The complete guide to all vista locations in rohendel


    Views are places in Lost Ark from where you can admire cities and districts, and they fill different parts of the adventurer's tome. Here are the entries for Rohendel.

    Where to find Vista locations in Rohendel in Lost Ark?

    Each Vista location must be explored, which cannot be done while the character is under attack. You can ignore most of the monsters on your way here, but we recommend killing all the monsters you encounter if you are nearby, so as to get the most rewards with lost ark gold!

    Breezesome Brae - Fairy Village and Dandelion Station Vista Location

    To get to this location in Vista, you need to head to the middle of the map in Fairy Village. Fairy Village is north of Dandelion Hill and south of Petal Valley. You need to go south of Triport and get to the very edge where you need to jump over to find this Vista location. It matches well, so go to the south end of Treeport and hover between the two south pillars. Keep moving back and forth until it turns into an investigation icon.

    Elzowin's Shade - Elzowin's Embrace Vista location

    Go to the north side of the map to Elzovin's Embrace to get to this location. Keep to the west side of the circle above. Elzovyn's Embrace is west of Eastern Stardust Forest and east of Dire Camp and Shadowed River. There are two trip ports to get there, and we recommend using the one in the Eastern Stardust Forest because it has the least amount of monsters.

    Look for the Guardian of the Divine Tree. He will be standing next to the Vista location. Head north of it and hover over the purple glow in the ground until it turns into an investigation icon.

    Elzowin's Shade - Valley and Waterfall Vista location

    To get to this Vista location, you need to run to the east side of the map from Triport in East Knollwood Forest. You are looking for a rock that overlooks the entire valley. This will be northeast of Shadowed Earth and southwest of East Knurlroot Forest. Go to the cliff's very edge and look for a glowing spyglass. You should kill them if you run into any monsters because they tend to follow you so far and won't stop bothering you until they disappear.

    Glass Lotus Lake - Location Flowstream Village Vista

    You need to go east of the Glass Lotus Field and south of the Water Shrine to get to this location. Don't worry about monsters nearby. You are in a village, and the demons will usually run away as soon as the players get close to these areas. You go to the circular platform and then to the east edge of the fountain. Vista's location point will be on a wooden walkway.

    Glass Lotus Lake - Shrine of Water Vista

    To get to this Vista location, you need to pass the Sanctum of Water north of this location and northeast of Lotus Habitat. Unlike the last Vista location, this place is overrun with monsters. You will walk towards the circular platform and then walk towards the east edge of the fountain. Vista's location point will be on a wooden walkway.

    Shiverwave Lake - Rainbow Bridge Vista location

    Travel to Triport at the Dock in front of the Rainbow Bridge and head west. Take the direct path to the left of Treeport and keep walking until you see a blue portal. Enter this portal to be transported to the Heavenly Garden. This Vista location is at the southeast end of the map in Spy Garden.

    Vista Location blends in very well with the environment, making it hard to find. Look at the lower-left corner of the mechanism in the Garden of Spies. Hover your mouse over the blue marks on the ground until the "Explore" option appears.

    Shiverwave Lake - Sylvain Residence Vista Location

    This Vista location is at the northeast end of the map in Sylvain Residence, west of Aven House and east of Lakeside Plaza. Head to Triport in Fairytale Village because it's much faster than going through the elevators.

    You will come across a rock that overlooks the waterfall. Get as close to the east edge as you can, and you'll find Vista in the tall grass.

    Rotun - Panorama locations Rothun-Vista

    This Vista location is in the center of the map in the Elemental Garden north of Emprian Plaza and south of Dawn. This is the only area on the continent where you don't have to worry about being attacked by monsters, so take your time to find it. This Vista location will be off to the side in this little corner of the map.

    You will find NPCs waiting near the foliage by the stairs. You will have to climb these stairs to reach some of the pillars. In the middle of the post, you can find the Vista location right above the circle on the ground.

    Ruins of Xenila - Location Magick Epicenter Vista

    This Vista location is in the northern part of the map in Polluted Village, north of Camp Forgotten Grave and south of Dawn. Take the Triport closest to the circle because you can avoid any fights if you stick to the north end of the map to get to Vista.

    You are looking for a black spiked gate at the top. You need to find the Vista location next to the purple flowers.