Path of Exile’s new endgame expansion will allow players to upg

  • Path of Exile's updates in the past 2020 include some unique leagues for players to explore, such as Harvest and Heist. But the first expansion in 2021 will not only include a small number of events, new loot and new buildings. The Echo of Atlas expands the endgame of Path of Exile with new bosses, systems and skill trees. Players can look forward to it.

    Grinding Gear Games’ new live broadcast shows the upcoming expansion and its accompanying Ritual league. After Path of Exile players reach the current version of the POE Currency game endgame, some new Atlas echo systems will be activated. A mysterious entity called "The Maven" asked to watch the player fight the boss in various fields, thus making the battle more difficult for her presence.

    Players have left a deep impression on The Maven over time, and she will increase the challenge and ask them to defeat the familiar bosses at the same time. Maven will eventually challenge players to a duel. Since she is the most powerful character the player has faced so far, defeating The Maven will bring powerful and unique rewards, such as the ability to build a new skill tree.

    Path of Exile is notorious for its ridiculous skill tree-the options for spider webs completely customize each character in a unique way. However, the new Atlas passive skill tree where players earn points by defeating The Maven is somewhat different.

    The Atlas passive skill tree does not directly increase the power of the character, but rather shapes the experience of the road to exile. Players can invest points in specific types of activities. For example, in the Lex Proxima area of ??the Atlas passive skill tree, players who enjoy Harvest activities can invest points to help them find more holy bushes or get more crafting rewards from holy bushes, but this is random. Other regions also provide similar treatment for certain activities, such as gaining more experience by surpassing monsters.

    The new custom system is a way for players to choose the endgame content they want. As part of the core game, both Heist and Harvest have returned to Path of Exile, increasing chances of casual contact for players. Of course, some players will enjoy some of these activities more than others. With the Atlas passive skill tree, players can invest a lot of money in activities they like without having to upgrade for activities they don’t like, such as Heist.

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