The Path of Exile 2 players are looking forward to may not arri

  • The worldwide pandemic has slowed down many game studios and their production progress. Of course, the delay of Path of Exile 2 is also normal. According to Chris Wilson, head of Grinding Gear studio, the sequel expansion of Path of Exile may not be realized until 2022.

    In an interview with exciting RPS fan PC PC Gamer, Wilson explained how the increase in travel restrictions hindered the development of the team and ultimately hindered the POE Currency development of Path of Exile 2. Wilson said: "I hate things to blame Kovic, but this is only a large part of it." There is also a difficulty for them to recruit internationally because the border with New Zealand is closed, which makes their asset creation team The exponential growth of has decreased.

    In order to make up for the lost development time, Wilson said that they will start this year and may estimate the release date based on the completion time. "The development progress is not as fast as we want, so our goal is to try our best to fight Path of Exile 2 and the like during 2021 and see how much progress we have made. Trying to do as much work as possible will allow us A better understanding of the expected release date should be at the end of this year."

    Then a PC gamer asked Wilson whether Path Of Exile 2 might be launched in 2022, and he replied, yes, he thought it was correct. Path of Exile2 is set to be the sequel to the Path of Exile Currency loot-filled action role-playing game, appearing in expanded form. It will introduce a new seven-act storyline to be provided along with the original campaign. In addition, it will bring a new skill gem system, new advantage classes, and more similar things.

    Don't confuse Path of Exile 2 with the next extended version of Path of Exile, the Echo Atlas. You will be able to start playing the game on January 15th and bring new maps, endgame content and new challenge alliances.

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