World of Warcraft: Torghast Twisted Corridor in Shadowlands

  • The latest expansion of World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, is full of fun, and in some ways brought Blizzard back to life. However, Torghast, one of Shadowlands' main selling points, has some obvious growing pains. Now that the twisted corridor is open, it is clear that it suffers from the same efforts of the rest of Torghast. Last week. Twisted corridors differ from other wings in three main ways. The first is different from the other wings, the latter can only be rotated. After unlocking the "Twisted Corridor", they are always open. The advantage of this is that we will have a lot of time to process them, which is particularly lovely because the WOW Classic Gold progress of the layers from other parts will not continue. You will twist the corridor from the first floor.

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    They are always available, which is particularly good, because unlike all other wings, the others have six floors per floor, and twisted corridors with 18 floors per floor. In fact, each layer of the "twisted corridor" is exactly the same, as if the other three wings were compressed into one layer. The first two levels have mobs to pass, and finally there is an elite, then an intermediate level with an agent in the middle, the other two floors have mobs and elites, and finally the boss. Repeat this pattern 3 times and you will get a layer of "distorted corridor". When I ran it, every six floors seemed to come from a different wing. I'm not sure if this will be true, but this is what I experienced this week.

    The last way the Twisted Corridor differs from other wings is that the player cannot gain any power from it. On the other hand, the biggest attraction is the creation of legendary soul ash. However, the rewards for "twisted corridors" are rewards for achievement and decoration of quality of life. For example, some pets and toys are rewards. Completing the 8th level rewards can be used in the mounts of flower glue. For non-druids, the mount will be an excellent quality of life upgrade, because the inability to install it in the flower glue has become a source of surprise for many players.

    Of course, players like different expansions. Many old players will choose to stay in the World of Warcraft classic. Players will more or less encounter some powerless things in the process of the World of Warcraft classic game, such as playing with players or bosses. When fighting. In this case, you should buy WOW Classic Gold in MMOWTS. Having a good gear can make you stronger and more comfortable. On you will not only find the Cheap WOW Classic Gold you want, here you can get a fair price while enjoying thoughtful service. In this way, you can use very little money to get the gear you want, and the game experience will rise to a higher level.